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How many bundles do I need for a full installation?

We recommend using 3-4 bundles for 12-18 inches, and 4 or more bundles for 20-28 inches.

How long will my lashes last?

Our lashes have been tested for a wear time of up to 32 wears with proper maintenance.

Can I color the bundles?

Yes! Our bundles can be colored to achieve 613 Blonde hair without any damage.

(Disclaimer: We advise that you seek professional help with any chemical treatments to avoid over processing.)

How do I keep my frontal from balding?

The key is to be gentle! Make sure you don't over process your frontal during any chemical treatments and manipulation. Also, be sure to store your extensions properly to avoid wear and tear that can lead to balding.

How do I maintain my mink lashes?

Handle your lashes with care! Be sure to clean them at least 2-3 times weekly.

( Each of our products are shipped to you with maintenance tips. If cared for properly, your products will last a long time.)